NAS Zyxel NSA310

A few weeks ago I got brand new Network Attached Storage Zyxel NSA310. Because I did not read description well, I expected posibility to connect with NAS through a secured shell – especially SSH.

Unfortunately, I was very surprised when I tried to connect my NAS through SSH from an another computer and I found, that this NAS have no any SSH connection. During next few days I tried to connect it to our home network through a Samba and a NFS. It works, but I was not satisfied with result. Main function what I expected from the NAS was backup of our pictures, photos and documents. Unfortunately, servis like the Samba or the NFS is very slow in our personal network and we were not able to comfortably view our stuff like photos or videos. Simply, the connection is not sufficiently fast. So I had to find solution.

Some day after I found on the Internet news regarding BitTorrent Sync. Somebody noticed new version of a BitTorrent Sync software which is kind of software for data sharing. The BitTorrent Sync is not for public Internet but it is designed for personal sharing especially inside of home network. It was exactly this, what I searched but it required SSH connection.

I had no option, I had to try find solution for missing SSH on my NAS gadget. Google adviced many pages, but the best page which helped me very well was page In this page you can find a lot of information regarding NAS. During searching of help I found there page about FFP (fonz fun_plug). In accordance with description the FFP provide you some often used functions, which are necessary for comfortable administration of NAS like for example Telnet or SSH etc.

When I was able to connect my NAS through SSH, then was very simple to upload some new packages which provide more function like FFP directly on hard drive (instead of flash disc), anytherm (command shell in a browser) or BitTorrent Sync. Unfortunately, regarding package btsync_1.0.134_arm_002.zpkg (BitTorrent Sync software) I have to say, that it did not work because this package content too old version. Currently you can download software in version 1.2.82, but this new build does not work with older version 1.0.134 included in the package. The solution is do not install this old package, but use downloaded version directly from site
Simply, copy new version of btsync program on some NAS directory and start program. It works well. Done.

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